Bacula backup error then fix (Authorization key rejected by Storage daemon)

When I initiated backup job, I encountered errors like followings, (from bconsole, bacula.log, and other logging sources)

  • Fatal error: Authorization key rejected by Storage daemon.
  • ERROR in authenticate.c:303 UA Hello from client
  • Fatal error: Bad response to Storage command: wanted 2000 OK storage

It was because of version mismatch across clients (FD) and daemons (SD/Director). I found this problem in half a day. 🙁

This happened when I relocated the storage server to new place for more disk capacity. I did not touch any configuration at all, even with host name unchanged (DNS propagation confirmed with new IP address before the relocation job)

I could realize, all of sudden, that I has simply complied older version of bacula source code for new server. All bacula entities (FD/SD/Director) must run on the same version of binaries!